Saturday, August 6, 2011

melody in the air

I sat down to meditate
trying to clear my mind out
pushing away all things unnecessary
to go deep, meditate, experience joy

a distant song, melody in the air
reached my ears, and stuck my heart
the sound is good, but the time is not
my mind again pulled itself, ready

perhaps it was the song of morning flock
birds flying out of their nests
to start another unprecedented day
but right now, i have to meditate

it could be the birds exchanging
morning pleasantries to one another
or the orchestra of wings flapping together
i better close the windows, i thought

just then, my teacher walked in
asked what i was fighting for
and why i was sitting there

in meditation, master, i seek
to experience deep joy and bliss
but my heart keeps following
sounds from here and there, feather and flock

what joy can you experience, he said
that is not in that distant song
what bliss can one seek
that is greater than the melody in air

look around and open your heart
joy and bliss are right here, right now
joy is where your heart is
the heart is in that distant song
in the melody in the air

Monday, August 1, 2011

I am sitting here alone in the dark room

I am sitting here alone in the dark room
looking everywhere, and alert
my mind aware and afraid
engulfing dark forces all around

I close my eyes to escape
the fear darkness elicits
moving deep and deeper inside
stumbled upon another darkness

this time, the heart was afraid
finding within my mind, darkness so dreadful
my heart flapped its wings hard
to fly out of those unknown corners

I opened my eyes and sat unmoved
the darkness outside now looks
more illuminated, more perceivable
can't close my eyes while conscious anymore
have to wait till sleep takes over

I am waiting for my teacher
to come and hold my hand
take me back to those corners
and lighten them up with his love
oh! teacher where are you
I am sitting here alone in the dark room