Monday, January 8, 2007

How to find the purpose of life?

Well, this is a million dollar question everyone in the spiritual world is trying to find an answer for. Perhaps, this is the final answer of all the schools of philosophy trying to understand God.

Once you know the purpose, you know the mind of God!

If you have come at a juncture in your life where you asked this question, then, you certainly deserve a clear explanation.

The question of purpose needs to be looked at, and answered from two viewpoints:

  1. From your personal and materialistic viewpoint
  2. From a spiritual and a universal viewpoint

The first one talks about your purpose as a human being and a social being; how you need to lead your life, how should you grow, what should be your targets in life, and finally what is your destination, etc?

These questions answer your materialistic Purpose. More often than not, this purpose is very clear and everyone knows about it. In general terms, these are called Responsibilities.

If you realize, the only thing in our life that we do not have any choice over is the selection of our parents.

You select your friends, you select your spouse, you select your job situations, etc. However, you do not select to which parents you will be born. This is solely decided by a higher force, and this selection automatically tells your materialistic purpose. The set of circumstance in your family will give you some Mandatory Responsibilities, which fall under the domain of Materialistic Purpose.

If you look back in your life, you will see so many events and situations that would not have taken place if you were not born to this particular couple. So, if you clearly understand the nature of your parents, you will understand your materialistic purpose. Well, how to understand your parents is a big concept in itself. Here, understanding does not imply the one that we talk in a general sense. What I mean by Understanding is to understand what actually the DREAMS of your mother and father were (or are)? The mixture of your parents’ dreams tells you what your purpose is.

For example, in my case, my father was a genius and artistic person who wanted to get recognition in life and believed in sharing what he had. My mother is a very simple person who is content with what she has and is very happy giving away what she has to anybody in need. My father never cared for what others would think; my mother is very sensitive about this issue. So, ultimately, as their son, I have inherited both the characteristics in different proportions.

At the same time, my brother also inherits the same characteristics. However, due to the difference in the proportions in what we have inherited from our parents, my brother and I differ in our traits.

Well, the crucial point to understand here is that we also need to understand the spiritual purpose of our parents in order to understand our role in this world. It is not just the behavior of our parents, but what they truly are. This can be understood only if your parents have spiritually evolved to a state where they actually can tell you something about their own purpose. Otherwise, it is not possible to understand your purpose from this method.

There is an easy way to find what your purpose is. That is to ask your Intuition. Intuition is your higher Self that has complete knowledge about your Self.

In order to ask your Intuition, you need to get in touch with your higher levels of consciousness. In our every day life, we are so busy with our mundane tasks that we rarely call our higher-self for any help and so it lays just dormant.

Most of the time we depend on our Logical brain because we want to prove to this world that we are intelligent. But we forget that we have something called Intuition which is beyond Logic, and more powerful in its vision.

In order to get in touch with your Intuition you can follow many methods like regular meditation, taking some time of the day just for your Self, being honest to yourself, and constantly seeking for growth in life.

These things are not something very difficult and are advised only for saints and the like. These methods are very simple and can be followed by everyone if we spend at least 10 minutes of the day just for ourselves. Here, the word ourselves refers to our spiritual self rather than our body.

If you would like to cut the crap and just know what your purpose in life is, just ask some simple questions and the answers will tell you what your materialistic purpose is:

• When are you very happy in your life? That is, which task or job gave you ultimate bliss and happiness? This answer should come from your heart instead of brain.

• What is it in your life that you feel really Passionate about?

• When do you feel suffering in your life? Don’t give vague answers like when people hurt me, or when they cheat me or something like that… answer at your personal level. Remember, nobody can do to you anything unless you allow them to.

So, the three answers will tell you what your purpose is. Whatever makes you happy is your purpose and whatever makes you sad is something that is taking you away from your purpose. It is simple Reward and Punishment system in the laws of Mother Nature. If you are working on your right path, you will be happy; otherwise, you will suffer. Mother Nature is not going to decide whether you are going to be happy or suffer; it is purely your choice to choose the path.

Coming to the second type of purpose (spiritual purpose) which I mentioned as Universal Purpose, it is the question of why this whole, massive, splendid, magnificent, universe exists and what is our status in it?

To understand this question, let me give you an example of a jigsaw puzzle. Let’ us assume that there is a very, very, very big jigsaw puzzle. Every atom in this universe has some pieces of the puzzle. The only way to know what the answer to the puzzle is to club all the pieces together. This will be possible only if all the atoms in the universe unite.

However, let’s say that I have 10 pieces of the puzzle and you have another 20. We sit together and talk, just like we are doing now, and we start making approximations as to what that ultimate solution to the puzzle could be. Even our best of the best efforts are only the best approximations but can never be proved to be right or wrong. We can just make the best guess.

Now, let’s assume that a million such people with 10 pieces each sit together. Even then, they will get more close to the answer but never will Find the answer because the rest of the pieces of the puzzle are with the non-living objects like the sun and the stars and even in every particle and atom, to which we cannot communicate.

So, the answer to this question remains alluded and we will never know unless we find a way to communicate with the Universal Database—soul of the universe which has information about everything happening at everyplace of the universe.

Again, this communication is possible with methods like meditation and understanding the laws of nature and the concept of Energy as Matter. This requires tremendous amount of practice and discipline; and most importantly the Quest for Knowledge.

If you have ever wondered, all the religions in this world preach only one thing in the end; and that is Unity. They try to bring people under one domain. Take Christianity; Jesus said that everyone should be like brothers and should be a team. The same goes with Allah. Needless to say, the philosophy of Hinduism is completely based on Unity.

That is the reason why Love exits in this universe. Love is a concept that brings people and things together so that they can solve the ultimate puzzle and understand their Purpose. That's why people feel happy to be in love, and feel so sad when they lose it.

However, the biggest question is how to find it. Remember, “Only the one who seeks shall find.”

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