Monday, January 1, 2007

White Love - the true meaning of love

For centuries, we tried to define love. Why? No appropriate reason can be drawn. But I am sure about one thing: to know the difference between right and wrong, clearly. To know what can be called as love and what cannot be called as love.

Rules have been broken; revolutions have been brought on, kingdoms have been destroyed, people have died and people have been put to death, and all in the name of love. If anyone had to do a statistical analysis, violence would be more accounted to love than peace. Sometime ago, I stopped reading newspaper except for the sports and business sections, because at least one murder, or at least one suicide, or at least one instance of violence is reported on the name of love. Because the religion of boy and girl are different, because the lad is poor, because the parents have other plans for the kids, and because of some reasons that I never seem to understand. Reasons that seem so meaningless before the power of love, yet love seems to lose or at least lovers lose.

The irony is that there are people who are ready to die for love, and there are people ready to kill love itself.

My point is, why? Is it because of the lack of love, or the lack of understanding of the true meaning of love? I strongly believe that it is because the lack of understanding of the true nature of love.

If you mix up all the colors, in equal proportions, you will get white color. So what?

At one point in time, I was about to give up everything. Everything I’ve ever had; everything I loved and everyone that loved me, because of love. At that point, I asked myself "if love is that great, how come there is suffering in it?" I wasted a lot of time asking that question again and again until one day I tumbled upon the answer. And the answer is….

By the way, what was the question? Oh! Got it! "If love is that great, how come there is suffering in it?" Well, it’s because love is like pure white color. It has all the colors in it. Love is a supreme emotion. It has all the emotions in it: pain and pleasure, jealousy and sacrifice, selfishness and selflessness, every emotion of human life. That’s what love is. That’s why people cry in love, laugh in love, and feel as if they own the world and also feel as if the world does not matter to them; all emotions clubbed. But people do not realize that all these emotions are part of love. They think that love means only pleasure. No, it’s not. Again, as I said, love is like pure white color. Another property of white color is that it reflects all that it gets. In the same way, true love has the property to give. People think that love is all about getting some thing. Whenever I asked anyone to tell me their opinion on love, they said it is being cared for, able to trust, et cetera. But the truth is love is all about giving. Just like light, if you get everything and do not give anything back, it turns out to be black. As you start giving more and more out, the colors will become more and more bright. The same with love the more you give the more beautiful it will become. But people know about love in only one form, and they refuse to accept its other forms. Love is everywhere and love is everything. It is not limited or restricted to anything. Only when people understand this, love will win. Only then, people will realize the power of love.

Wow! Did I just define love? No. I did not. Defining is telling that something is this, this, and this. That’s it. If it does not fall into any of the three categories mentioned in the previous line, then, it is something different than the defined thing. Thus, I did not define. I just expanded the meaning of love.

When I came to this conclusion, I felt good. Remind you, I felt good. I did not feel right or wrong. I just felt good. That’s what life is all about. Feeling good about what you do.

Love is not a part of life. Love is life. Let them go to hell who say it is only a part. Tell me one thing in life that does not carry a form of love with it. And remind you, when I say love it is not only the girl-boy love. The love between mom and child, the love between parents and children, the smile that comes on ones face when one sees a little baby smile is also love. Now, tell me is love a part of life?

What will happen if you open the lid of a chilled cool drink bottle? Stupid question, isn’t it? The lid will open. But what will happen if you shake the bottle very much and then open it? All the drink will come out as a fountain. That is the logic of life. If you stand still nothing exciting is going to happen than the opening of a cool drink bottle lid. But if you shake the life a bit, there will be fountain of love. Sometimes, we need to take changes. And sometimes these chances might sound illogical. But let me tell you:

"The heart has its own reasons that reason knows not of."

Believe me, love is what keeps the integrity of life. Love is like the thread in a chain of pearls. No matter how beautiful the pearls are, you need a thread to make it a chain. If you cut that thread off, there will be only pearls and no chain.

In short, if life is the chain, love is the thread binding the pearls.

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