Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My heart is weeping!

Is it all happening according to your plans,
Killings in the name of supreme God,
Or, are you testing us when we will take action?
Should we wait for Peace or fight for Peace?

Should we pity the wrong-doers and pray for their wisdom,
Or, fight like Arjunas of this Yuga?
Are we ignorant or are we submissive?
Show us the path, throw some light

Shall we believe that all the victims had their destinies,
Or, should we stand up and say, 'this is wrong'?
Can we say, birth and death are, but passing seasons,
Or, rise like Kali and do asura-samhara!

Oh! Lord! Give me wisdom; Give me strength.
Wisdom to know what is right,
Strength to do that that is right!
Oh! Lord! My heart is weeping
Is it part of your plan, or are you testing?

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