Sunday, September 16, 2012

streams of blurred consciousnesses

somewhere deep in the valley
amidst lost souls and
streams of blurred consciousnesses
i swim to find a shore
desperately, so badly

the places are all familiar
but they don't belong
earth and the breath
are all but borrowed on time

searching for that which
i have never known
knowing that i may not know
when i find

the water is cold
and it's burning my feet
walking in the water
is not that easy either

the rocks and sand are smooth
it's the water that's piercing
looking from up above
it moves like a tear drop
easing its way out
and floating untamed

the burden is too high
not letting me step by
pinning down to the bottom
with rumbling sounds of wind
escaping through the gaps
a stillness of the doom

where is the lighthouse
and where is the hairpin bend
even if there is a chance
i don't know what to mend

i might as well have been here
again and again, round and round
but the lender is pushing for interest
the elements are all in transit

i realize i am going to the ocean
but alas, i carry nothing
what should i gift to the mighty
from all this journey and the flow
what shall i show when i go home
no twig to hold and the water is so cold

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