Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You are neither the creator nor destroyer

you are neither
the creator
nor the destroyer
nor the subject
or the object
you are not
the catalyst
nor are you
the secret ingredient
you are but a carrier
of earth and ether
of spirit and air
and the endless fire

Creators of nuisance

creatures of nuisance
perhaps god's musings
frowned clowns
drowned twigs
hungry pigs
greedy dicks
running hares
snoring bears
free thinkers
full mind tinkers
logical bakers
reasonable fakers
creators of nuisance
the so called humans
perhaps god's errings

learn to love

learn to love
oh bloody fucking bastard!
learn to love
for thousands of years
learnt many things
sought power
fought for land
took pride
climbed high
called yourself
but dry you are
like the desert of thar
courteous pretentous
terrified petrified
you die, or
learn to love
oh fear-clad! before you die